Lukas' Shearing Services - professional and humane

Nova Scotia professional alpaca shearing as well as sheep, llamas and angora goats - are done on location or at Lange's Rock Farm in Maplewood, Nova Scotia -  for more information.

Since 1996, a proudly owned and operated family business in Nova Scotia

Langes sheep fleece Lukas Lange is called on by fibre producers and wool producers for Nova Scotia professional alpaca shearing as well as sheep, lambs, llamas and angora goats.

When the fibre is at its best, that's when he's on location working with the precious animals. Shearing in a calm environment is important so the animals don't become stressed.

Langes top quality fleece In May '07, Lukas took an intensive Nova Scotia professional alpaca shearing course at Oxford, Nova Scotia, with Trudy McCall and Cathy Merkley. "It's critical to shear the animal correctly," he says, "otherwise the value of the fibre will be lost.

Langes grey fleece He started shearing in 2002. He counts himself fortunate to have learned from a highly regarded elder shearer - Waldo Morton of Watford.

Langes grey fleece Lukas began as an assistant, then gradually worked his way up to shearing the occasional animal. Next, he invested in his own shearing station.

He credits Val Peterson of Prince Edward island for teaching him to shear fast with quality results.

Lukas also appreciates the technical support of Price Hilton. His consultant is a re-known shearer from New Zealand who lives in Switzerland.

Lukas shears a sheep Lukas Lange shears sheep Lukas shears a sheep

Photo below shows the Lange's trusty guard llama keeping watch over his flock of lambs and sheep newly shorn by Lukas Lange.

Lange's guard lama & sheep

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